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Being able to age in place at home is beneficial, but being able to do so as part of a community, with access to all the resources and services you need, is ideal . . .

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Our members are in your community

Village to Village Network

Villages of Santa Fe is a member of the national Village to Village Network, a grassroots effort to address the current and unfolding challenges of older Americans. Twenty years ago, conversations among a group of neighbors in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, MA. spear-headed the Village Movement. They loved their community and wanted to remain in their homes as they aged while accessing services for changing lifestyles. There are now over 190 open Villages and 185 in development. The network has 25,000+ village members supporting connectedness and friendships through generosity, talent and integrity!


Villages of Santa Fe is a nonprofit 501(c)3, volunteer-based community. We love Santa Fe as it enables us to be innovative, resilient, healthy and happy. Life is sweet and simple — life style choices are re-imagined. We can manage our futures even as many of us find ourselves distant from our immediate families. With Villages of Santa Fe, we recognize that our real value is knowing each member personally . . . committing ourselves to friendship and fun times coupled with loving and compassionate outreach.


You will never need to go it alone when you have the

support of Villages of Santa Fe!

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