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Ann Church
Sheila Doran-Benyon

Co-Founders, Ann Church and Sheila Doran-Benyon both hail from Houston, Texas, but never directly crossed paths until they met three years ago in Santa Fe. They immediately became great friends. As they worked together on various projects, it was clear that this is an unstoppable team. Both have a passion for helping, but have very different styles. Anyone who knows Sheila immediately is drawn to her warmth and compassion and Ann is more the behind the scenes, detail, techno geek that insures that all the structure and tools are in place. BUT, make no bones about it, both LOVE to have fun. Laughter is a key component of their friendship.

Sheila has moved to Tulsa as of Spring 2021.


Villlages of Santa Fe is a member of the national Village to Village Network.


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