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Helping Hands             call 505-501-8187 to schedule services


Top to Bottom: Terry Rothwell, Al Antonson, Chris Julsrud, (not pictured) Steve LeGate, Denise Troy, Alex Prihoda

Call the office to schedule service.

Please have your list of services needed and one of the Help Hands Volunteers will check in with you about your needs.

Members responsible for materials.

HELPING HANDS WILL DO (not a complete list)

  • Air Conditioning/Heating: replace filters (but not in attics), adjust thermostats, replace batteries, but no servicing of condensers, etc.

  • Cabinet doors: tighten/adjust hinges or knobs

  • Caulking of showers or sinks

  • Circuit breakers and GFIs: check, reset and assess problem, but Member needs electrician to fix problem in cases of repeated popping of breakers or GFIs

  • Clocks: reset time after power outages, but not at change to/from Daylight Saving Time

  • Curtain/drapery/towel rods: install or adjust

  • Door Bell: replace button or adjust chimes, but no relocating or replacing entire housing

  • Furniture: moving (less than 35 lbs.), assembly of small units

  • Garage Doors: lube tracks, adjust laser lights, program new remote

  • Garbage disposal: clear obstruction, reset, but no replacing of entire disposal unit

  • Heating/Air Conditioning: replace filters (but not in attics), adjust thermostats, replace batteries, but no servicing of condensers, etc.

  • Hoses (outdoor): mounting onto or detaching from hose bib or hose reel, insertion of washers

  • Landscape Lights: replace bulb, adjust timers, but no replacing of entire timer unit

  • Leaks: assess and fix if simple, but may recommend plumber for some jobs depending on complexity and accessibility.

  • Light bulbs: replace bulbs, but not in ceilings higher than 14’

  • Moving stuff: light furniture or boxes, but nothing over 35 lbs.

  • Pictures or Mirrors: hanging or moving, but nothing over 20 lbs.

  • Plumbing/toilets: assess need or identify problem (leaks), install new member-supplied seat or seat riser, adjust or replace member-supplied toilet flapper but no replacing of entire toilet. Refrigerator: replace filter, adjust temp, but no repairing of ice makers or replacing water lines

  • Shower head: replace or tighten

  • Shower rod/doors: adjust, replace onto tracks, but Member must buy replacement rollers

  • Sinks: caulking, adjust stoppers, clean sink tube, replace member-supplied pop-up ball rod, but no replacing of entire stopper down-rod mechanism

  • Sliding doors: clean and lube tracks or replace rollers; member must buy replacement rollers

  • Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector: replace batteries (we provide new, free 9-volt batteries), replace detectors of same make not involving rewiring (typically different makes) or that are not hardwired

  • Sprinkler systems: install member-supplied backup battery, adjust/reset timer, replace emitter heads, but no checking or replacing of entire timer systems, nor adjustment of below- sod sprinkler heads, nor moving or replacing sprinkler systems

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