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Give It Up – And See What Happens

Give up your need to be always right.

Give up your need to be in control.

Give up on blame . . . own the responsibility of what transpired!

Give up on self defeating “self talk”.

Give up limiting yourself and what you can do; spread your wings and fly!

Give up complaining. . . make the choice to look at people and situations with positive thinking in mind.

Give up criticism; volunteer and get a new perspective on life. Change yourself and the circumstances.

Give up the need to impress . . . embrace the REAL you.

Give up resistance to change; follow your bliss.

Give up labels . . .”the highest form of ignorance is that you reject something you don’t know anything about . . .” Wayne Dyer

Give up your fears . . . fear is an illusion. You create it; it is all in your mind.

Give up your excuses . . . send them packing!

Give up the Past . . . be Present. Stop deluding yourself about the past.

Give up living your life according to other’s expectations. Know what you want and need. Know what makes you happy and go for it! Live your life now and own it.

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