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4 Senior Gait Exercises: Walk with Strength and Stability

Improving Senior gait can prevent Falls
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Maria has created a series of videos just for you to improve your balance and mobility. These short, 5-7 minute videos improve your walking quality. Check out our new YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel to get updates on new videos.

What is Gait? Gait is your pattern of walking. When you walk, your brain sends signals to your ankles to coordinate muscle movement. Injury or an underlying medical condition can make you feel out of balance when you walk. Working on gait can help you walk with strength and stability, improving mobility and balance for seniors. These Four Senior Gate videos provide step-by-step gait exercises to help you walk with strength and stability.


What is an abnormal Gait?

An abnormal gait is a change to your walking pattern. Everyone’s natural walking style is unique. However, injuries and medical conditions can affect your walking pattern. Anything that affects your brain, spinal cord, legs, or feet can change your gait. Some common examples of an abnormal gait include:

  • Limping.

  • Dragging or shuffling your feet.

  • Short steps.

  • Difficulty supporting the weight of your body.

  • Trouble with coordination.

  • Walking with your head bent forward towards the ground.

  • Feeling out of balance when you walk.

If you have any of the issues above, these exercises are designed to correct your walking patterns.



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