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Who better to love yourself than you?

Falling in love with yourself is as beautiful as any experience of love is.

Falling in love with yourself is learning to laugh at your awkward tendencies and smile at your quirky habits.

Falling in love with yourself is learning to be grateful for the many sides you have – confident, crazy, shy, sexy, nerdy, angry, weird, and all the rest.

Through my journey in life, I have learned to fall in love with myself, and you can do the same by:

Put yourself first.

The greatest sacrifice women make is putting everyone else first and ourselves last. With practice, prioritize your life in what matters most - YOU, but not in a selfish way, but by bringing forth energy to serve others.

Say No to Others.

Women are raised to be caregivers. We learn at a young age to please others by saying YES, even when we want to say NO.

Adopt a practice of thinking before you say YES to requests.

Become comfortable and confident in your skin.

Look at yourself in the mirror every day and love the woman you are. That was not an easy task for me, and through the years, I have learned how to take care of my body and mind.

Stop judging yourself.

Judging and comparing yourself to others does not serve you.

You are unique in your way, and no two humans are alike. You are perfect as you are.

When you are in love with yourself, everything flows in perfect harmony.

Love is abundant, and you have plenty to go around with your family and friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Maria Francis

Fitness and Mindset Coach


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