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Spring in Santa Fe


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Yoga Fusion or

Balance & Mobility FREE Monday, 9 am MT – Zoom
Mind + Body
    Tuesday, 10 am MT – Zoom
Balance & Beyond
    Tuesday, 2 pm MT – Zoom
Gentle Yoga
    Wednesday, 10 am MT – Zoom
Strength & Stretch   FREE Wednesday, 2 pm MT – Zoom
Mind + Body
  Thursday, 10 am MT – Zoom
Balance & Beyond
    Thursday, 2 pm MT – Zoom
Gentle Yoga
    Friday, 10 am MT – Zoom
Yoga Fusion or Balance & Mobility FREE

Saturday, 10 am MT – In-person

Las Campanas Grant


Las Campanas Community Funds is a positive force in the Santa Fe Community, and Villages is honored to be a recipient of this grant and recognized for our community involvement.


Las Campanas Community Funds raises funds from its members of Las Campanas. With its non-profit partner, the Santa Fe Community Foundation selects worthy organizations to support each year. The LCCF has distributed over $2 million to 40 community organizations in the last three years.


In addition to LCCF, Susan Greenhawt and Jan Faust have made specific gifts to support Villages.


Every year, one out of four Americans age 65+ falls. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults.


Exercise and balance training are critical in preventing falls, a lifesaving strategy that can significantly impact the health and well-being of our older adults. A fall at 40 can be a non-issue, but a fall at 75 can be life-threatening.


Exercise is the only proven way to prevent falls. Villages of Santa Fe offers exercise and lifestyle programs for older adults, available 24/7 through online classes and a library of 600+ videos. Villages' strategies are effective. With a combination of paid and free classes, even adults on a fixed income can participate in building their physical resiliency and balance.


From January 2022 to September 2023, our 680 classes had 17,921 attendances by 1,401 participants.


The generous grant from LCCF supports Villages continuing drive to prevent falls.

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