Boomer Tech

Every Thursday

1:30-3pm, Santa Fe Prep, 1101 Camino Cruz Blanca

1:30-2:15pm One on One Help

2:15-3pm Discussions and Q&A

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Villages of Santa Fe Boomer Tech and Tap students would like to welcome the Prep Community, including grandparents and parents to Thursday Boomer Tech. The goal of Boomer Tech TAP Project is helping seniors navigate the world of computers and the internet; teaching them how to use their devices to communicate with their families and friends, how to be safe on the internet, and get the most out of their devices.


Students will help setup on your phone and show you features:

  • Emergency contact info

  • Santa Fe 911

  • Using the flash light

  • Making an emergency call without unlocking phone


Boomer Tech Topics. TAP opens with approximately 55 minutes of individual help with phone, laptops, tablets, and other devices (Alexa, watches, etc.) followed by a 20-30 minute discussion on the topic of the day. Students, Ambrose Farber, and Ann Church (from Villages of Santa Fe) participate in the presentation. Q&A follows. Thursdays, 1:30-3:30, Technology Room 21.


9/19/19  Cutting the cord – Are you paying Comcast $200+ per month? Learn how to cut your monthly bill in half

9/26/19  Replacing your old phone. How do I get a plan that gives me data, but isn't hundreds a month. Find out about Google Fi and other cost effective plans

10/3/19   Creating a home inventory on your phone, complete with photos and replacement costs. This can save you thousands!

10/10/19  Gadgets for living: Apple Watch, Alexa, Google Home, Ring

10/17/19  Creating calendars, note cards, and all that fun stuff from your photos

10/24/19  Sharing photos: Google photos to share with your friends and family. Scanning Photos

10/31/19  Security on the web. Safe passwords, phishing scams, how to protect your identity

11/7/19    Bests photo practices and how to share them with your friends and family

11/14/19  Protecting your family, home, and pets. Wildfire Simulation table, neighborhood by neighborhood

11/21/19  Streaming music – what, how, on what (phone, tablet, Alexa). Learn about the different services including Amazon prime music, Spotify, Pandora. What is free and what is the subscription service?

11/28/19  Thanksgiving

12/5/19    E-readers – Down load the Kindle reader to almost any devices, access Overdrive. Com and have open access books online from sellers like Amazon and, even better, free from your local library. This includes books and audible books. 

12/12/19  Cutting the cord – Are you paying Comcast $200+ per month? Learn how to cut your monthly bill in half

12/19/19  Christmas Party!