Alexa Club

Project to explore the use of Alexa devices within the Villages membership to how new technology (voice activated personal assistant) can improve and serve.


  • Most members have internet

    • About 40% proficient with email and web

    • About 20% really not proficient with their computer

    • Middle of the curve – 40% moderately proficient

  • Aging computers and phones – many members have older devices and are not planning on upgrading

  • Population is aging so typing and other computer functions may become more difficult


Alexa solutions are vast and expanding rapidly. Needs an Amazon account and internet. Immediate uses:

  • Easy communication with Villages for help. This is NOT a 911 emergency service, but most people do not want to call 911, but might need some help.

    • Setup skills (apps) that allow members to call Villages with just one voice command

      • Ask Marvee – caregiving skill

      • Ask My Buddy – communications skill

    • Villages can send reminders of events and functions

    • Villages can easily have checkins with members in need

  • Easy communication with family and friends

  • Easy to use, especially for those with limited mobility issues, vision impairments, other issues

  • Setup calendars and reminders

  • Can play music and read books (from audible)

  • Interface with smart plugs and other appliances for full control of environment

    • ‘ALEXA turn on the night light’ could turn on the low level light in the bedroom for safe moving around at night.

  • Moderate cost compared to other technology (start at $49)


See the Front Porch Report, a test study of Alexa in the Front Porch community of Carlsbad by the Sea with 15 residents and other participants. This is quite extensive and will save us significant time in setting up a program.

  • Identify 10-15 users

  • Set goals

  • Assign tasks

  • Test, Test, Test

Villages of Santa Fe Alexa Club


Meeting every Thursday, 1:30-3:30 at Santa Fe Prep( during Cyber Seniors), 1101 Camino Cruz Blanca, Technology Room 21