2021 Online Zoom Classes
Balance & Beyond
Tuesday/Thursday, 2pm MT
Gentle Yoga
Wednesday/Friday, 10am MT
Stretch & Strength
Monday/Thursday, 10:30am MT
Do I really NEED a computer? Most of the functions on your old computer, the one that weighs more than your dog, are available on lightweight, inexpensive tablets or on your phone.
Health Check – Hearing Loss
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2:30pm MT, online Zoom, one-hour online workshop with Q&A
A regular visit to an audiologist can help prevent further hearing loss and rehabilitate existing hearing loss.
Zen and the Art of Phone Buying. With the iPhone 12 starting at $999, what are less expensive, reliable options? 
Wednesday, March 17, 1pm


AARP New Mexico is taking some of today’s trending technology, and getting people’s most burning questions answered through a six-part series that begins Wed., March 3, at 1 p.m.  That first class starts with the radical idea of whether people still need a home computer when more cost effective tools do the same things and will look at some of those other options.

The Boomer Tech series is a partnership with Villages of Santa Fe and AARP featuring presenters Ambrose Ferber, Associate Director of Technology and Chair of Computer Science at Santa Fe Prep, and Ann Church, President of Villages of Santa Fe.