2021 Online Zoom Classes
Balance & Beyond
Tuesday/Thursday, 2pm MT
Gentle Yoga
Wednesday/Friday, 10am MT
Stretch & Strength
Monday/Thursday, 10:30am MT




Starting June 1st

6 classes weekly, 24 a month,

plus special workshops and programs

Keeping our community healthy, active, and energized

Boomer Tech
5/5/2021, Wednesday, 1pm MT, online Zoom       
Register at https://villages.punchpass.com
Spring Cleaning - get rid of those old apps and files

These classes are so wonderful, and it is great you are offering a balance of classes

I can view the class, and me, while exercising at a level that I am comfortable with. It is convenient to exercise from home, without rushing to get somewhere or feeling like you have to look a certain way.

These online classes are a godsend to those of us living in smaller communities.  I attend both Gentle Yoga AND Balance and Beyond classes.  I was only able to select one class in the survey question above.  Thank you, Judith and Maria, and Villages and AARP!
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