2022 Online Zoom Classes
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Balance & Beyond
Tuesday/Thursday, 2 pm MT
Gentle Yoga
Wednesday/Friday, 10 am MT
Stretch & Strength - FREE
Wednesday 2 pm MT    Saturday, 10 am MT

Just starting your exercise programs? Try our new entry-level classes
Balance & Mobility with Maria Francis
1st & 3rd Monday, 9 am MT
Yoga Fusion with Judith Rhodes
2nd & 4th Monday, 9 am MT, 45 minutes
'I have told everyone I know about these classes, and also people I don't know, like people in a grocery line who are my age. We just start talking. These classes have made a HUGE difference to my emotional and physical well-being, and I really like exercising from my home. It is SO convenient. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these classes and the instructors.'

FREE KN 95 masks available to Villages Members. Email our office at info@villagesofsantafe.org

These online classes are a godsend to those of us living in smaller communities.  I attend both Gentle Yoga AND Balance and Beyond classes.  Thank you, Judith and Maria, and Villages and AARP!
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