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Balance, Tai Chi, Yoga, Strength Classes for Seniors

Classes for Healthy Aging

We are committed to fostering a healthy and active lifestyle for our senior community members. Our diverse range of exercise classes for seniors is designed to enhance physical well-being, mental clarity, and overall quality of life. Exercise and balance training are critical in preventing falls, a lifesaving strategy that can significantly impact the health and well-being of our older adults. Villages of Santa Fe offers Balance, Tai Chi, Yoga & Strength classes for seniors and lifestyle programs for older adults - available 24/7 through online classes and a library of 550+ videos. Villages' strategies are effective. Older adults of any age can participate in building their physical resiliency and balance. Whether you are looking to improve your balance, increase your strength, or find a sense of peace and relaxation, we have something for everyone.


Programs from Villages

Release your stress, build strength, and increase your energy. Our senior exercise class movements are accessible to everyone and are easy to do standing or sitting.

Ensuring the health of our older generation is of utmost importance. Exercise plays a crucial role in preventing falls, a strategy that can significantly enhance the health and well-being of our older adults. At Villages, we understand the need for accessibility, so we offer exercise and lifestyle programs for older adults through convenient online classes and an extensive video library.




Are These Classes for You? 


Online classes are convenient

  • Instructors are our AGE!

  • 69% of our participants are over 65

  • Classes offer optional senior chair exercises 

Free Classes every Monday


  • Unlimited Classes

  • Class Punchpass 

  • Does your medicare program cover our classes? Check here.


Our Exercise Classes for Seniors

Balance for older adults is an essential part of functional fitness and strength training for seniors. Good balance helps prevent falls and injuries and makes daily activities easier.

Yoga and Tai Chi  for seniors are excellent exercise options because they increase flexibility, balance, and harmony. Slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow and warm up muscles while holding a pose can build strength.

Senior strength training classes are low-impact and designed to help you improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Why Take Our Senior Exercise Classes

Nine Classes Weekly

All Classes are Mountain Time (MT)


9 am MT Classes FREE

Alternate Mondays

Maria Balance + Mobility

Judith Yoga Fusion

All Classes are Mountain Time (MT)


10 am MT  kk Mind + Body

2 pm MT    Maria Balance & Beyond

All Classes are Mountain Time (MT)


10 am MT  KK Mind + Body

2 pm MT    Maria Balance & Beyond

All Classes are Mountain Time (MT)


10 am MT Judith Gentle Yoga

All Classes are Mountain Time (MT)


10 am MT  Judith Gentle Yoga

2 pm MT    Sharon Strength and Stretch FREE

All Classes are Mountain Time (MT)

Saturday AARP FREE

in-person class

10 am MT Judith

Gentle Yoga or Balance

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