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Keeping our community healthy, active, and energized

Providing regular, scheduled exercise and a place that fights isolation, and supports mental resiliency

Why should I become a Core Circle Founding Member?

Core Circle. A circle of supporters, a circle of dedicated friends and enthusiasts. Expand your world and with friendship and support. You are dedicated to your health and self-worth. We are dedicated to helping you, both physically and mentally. Help us maintain these classes and program for you and others in the senior community by becoming a Core Circle Founding Member.


Does this mean I have to pay for my exercise classes?

Our sponsors are very generous, but we need to ensure that the classes stay a part of our lives. Beginning June 1, 2021, Strength & Stretch will be offered for FREE on Monday and Saturday. To participate in Balance & Beyond and Gentle Yoga, you must purchase a Punchpass or Membership.


* Our free classes are contingent upon funding from our sponsors. There is no guarantee of all classes continuing free. 


You are a nonprofit. Why do you charge for classes and events?

You tell us the classes are important to you in our surveys, daily emails, and after class comments, but just like any business, we have operating expenses, including paying our wonderful instructors, insurance, website maintenance, monthly sponsor reporting, and all that fun stuff.


Can I share my membership?

Membership is good for everyone living in the same household. Do not share your link with others.


Will these classes still be available after gyms open?

Yes, we plan to continue online classes, but again we need your support. We have grown from 44 participants in-person to 500+ online participants weekly. 97% of participants indicated they would continue with online classes even after the pandemic passed. Isn’t it easier to just turn on the computer and work out?

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