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Santa Fe Community Foundation $5,000 Grant to Villages of Santa Fe

Santa Fe Community Foundation granted Villages of Santa Fe $5,000 in the Fall grant cycle in the category of Health and Wellbeing. The grant is specifically targeted for Villages ‘A Matter of Balance’ campaign. The grant supports training for additional coaches and classes offered directly to the public. The grant is featured in the Santa Fe Community Foundation Fall Giving Together Catalog.

This grant is just one of a series of grants received by Villages in 2019. AARP provided $1,600 to fund on-going emergency preparedness programs, State Farm granted $500 to support Villages and Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition during National Wild Fire Day. Villages also received funds from several donor advised funds and member donations for general operating expenses. The Tides Foundation has provided $2,500 annually to our general operating fund.

Villages of Santa Fe supports seniors so they may age at home with joy, self-assurance, independence, and satisfaction. Falls can lead to a loss of independence and many are preventable. Villages teaches A Matter of Balance, an 8-session evidenced based program where participants learn that falls are controllable, to set realistic goals to increase activity, to change their environment to reduce risk factors, and that exercise can increase strength and balance.

Villages members, Ann Church and Maria Francis are Master Trainers and have been teaching Matter of Balance since 2017. Judy Rhodes joined the team as coach in 2019. If you are interested in becoming a coach, contact Ann at

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