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Boomer Tech is Back!

Have a project? Drop in for an hour or feel free to come both morning and afternoon if you have a project, like organizing your photos and printing holiday cards.

Villages of Santa Fe and Santa Fe Prep Students would like to welcome you to Boomer Tech. The goal of Boomer Tech TAP Project is helping seniors (us old people, not the young ones graduating from high school this next year) navigate the world of computers and the internet; teaching us how to use our devices to communicate with families and friends, how to be safe on the internet, and get the most out of our devices.


Santa Fe Prep, 1101 Camino Cruz Blanca, Room 21

Tuesday, September 20th

Wednesday, October 26th

Two Sessions: 9-11:30 am and 1-2:30 pm

Students will help set up on your phone and show you features:

  • Emergency contact info

  • Santa Fe 911

  • Using the flashlight

  • Making an emergency call or taking a photo without unlocking phone


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