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Preventing Falls - Core Mission of Villages

Ensuring the health of our older generation is of utmost importance. Exercise plays a crucial role in preventing falls, a strategy that can significantly enhance the health and well-being of our older adults. At Villages of Santa Fe, we understand the need for accessibility, so we offer exercise and lifestyle programs for older adults through convenient online classes and an extensive video library. 


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and independence is all about movement. Our nine weekly sessions focus on balance, flexibility, strength, and mental awareness. Led by experienced instructors who are also older adults, these classes are tailored to the specific needs of our older participants. Whether you need stretching, a calm mind, or a boost of strength, our instructors, Judith, Maria, kk, and Sharon, are here to guide you. 


Great teachers offer a variety of classes to all levels of fitness. It keeps me motivated to exercise. Kathleen R.


Our strategies at Villages are not just effective; they are life-changing. By combining paid and free classes, we ensure that even adults on a fixed income can participate. The results speak for themselves—our participants report improved balance, fitness, and attitude. In other words, they are healthy, resilient, and engaged adults.


Ann Garcia, MD, CHRISTUS St. Vincent's Geriatric Medicine

I commonly refer those individuals who are struggling with social isolation and those who want to improve or maintain physical health to Villages. I have specific patients that have improved their balance and strength from the exercise classes. This has improved their overall quality of life by decreasing their fall risk and encouraging independence.


We want to build a healthy community.

By 2030, 32.5% of New Mexico's population will be 60 or older. Our programs serve older adults of all income levels without geographic constraints. Preventing falls is a lifesaving strategy for older adults that significantly impacts health, well-being, and independent living.


Since beginning online exercise classes in April 2020, our participants have logged over 50,000 attendances; 65.1% are over 65, and 59% live in Santa Fe or Santa Fe County. Our strength is our delivery method - a simple online platform.


With the help of Santa Fe Community Foundation and Las Campanas Community fund, Villages is an excellent resource for older adults wanting to stay healthy and active and open to our entire New Mexico community and beyond. 


These classes have become a big part of my life. Thank you so very much for them and the instructors. Their impact has been huge in a very positive way!  Lynn G.



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