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Split, Croatia - Senior Travel Adventures with Karen (kk)

You all know Karen ‘kk’ Taylor. Her Mind + Body classes calm and inspire us. For one month, kk has been touring Europe with her friend Dian, and we get to follow along. As kk says, ‘I am ready to have fun.’ This senior travel adventure is just that; we can share her experiences and keep our minds open and active. Follow kk’s warrior poses as we ‘get in our steps’ and lean into the experience. Getting our steps in is easy when the inspiring sights are just ahead.


I will post Dian’s commentary and kk’s photos as they arrive. Come back often to check in with her.

Villages Instructor Karen 'kk' Taylor and Dian Turner, Traveling Partner


Written by Dian Turner, my travel partner, who you will see in some of the pictures

Tai Chi from Split, Croatia

Tai Chi From Split Croatia


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