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My Own Valentine's Flowers

My amaryllises brighten my windowsills all winter long. This easy-to-grow bulb blooms with great exuberance and beauty. All it takes is good potting soil, regular water, and bright, indirect light.

This is a long-time hobby for me. My father grew amaryllises outside in the warm climate of Houston, Texas. Our flower beds were studded with those tall spikes, ending in bursts of color - red, pink, and variegated. I didn't think about growing amaryllis indoors until about 20 years ago when I received amaryllis as a Christmas gift. I was hooked.

During the cold New Mexico winters, amaryllises bring a bright, sunny joy to my living room. In the winter months, the sun is lower on the horizon, and the trees have lost their leaves, so the sun shines in, warming these bulbs. Once they get ready to bloom, move them around the house to enjoy the color. Most varieties begin blooming six to eight weeks after planting, but some can take as long as ten weeks. I plant before Christmas and then in late February, for a spring blooming season.

I enjoy my amaryllises year after year by letting them grow after blooming them and then storing them in a cool location until it is time to replant. Here's more information on how to do this.

Hope you enjoy my photos and I will keep you up to date on the bulbs being planted this week.


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