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Valentine's Day Yoga Fusion Class

Special Valentine’s Day Yoga Fusion Class

With Judith Rhodes

Wear Red or Pink. Bring a Squishy Ball or Tennis Ball

Monday, February 14th, 9 am MT, 45 minutes, online Zoom

This 45-minute class uses yogic breathing techniques, stretching, and adding one pound or two-pound weights to certain yoga postures (weights are optional). Fitness moves are woven throughout: body sculpting through the use of light weights, yoga straps, blocks, tennis balls, etc. Self-care techniques such as hand and foot massages will also be offered. This fusion between yoga and fitness helps develop upper and lower body muscle strength, eye and hand coordination, improved posture. Results: more vitality, improved balance coordination, and — a sense of well-being. This is an entry-level class. Great for beginners.

To register for free classes, go to

Sign in or create a Punchpass account. No credit card is required, only your name and email.

You will be directed to the schedule where you can register for classes through March 31, 2022

Never miss a class! Reminders are sent 1 day and 20 minutes prior to each class.


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