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Why I Fish

Those who know me know that I’m an avid fly fisherman. Maybe “avid” is not enough, more like compulsive. Over the years people have asked me what it is that pushes me to get out on the river for hours and miles a day. I’ve taken a little time and asked myself that same question.

I think for me it’s the escape from everyday life and the issues that can consume our thoughts if we don’t find something to focus on that can insulate us from those thoughts. Fly fishing takes concentration. Fly fishing involves learning, precision, and dedication to achieving almost any level of proficiency. Learning the different flies, learning to read the river flows, and the techniques involved in a successful outing take time and energy, time and energy that may otherwise be directed to the issues of today that tend to drag my outlook on life down. I just don’t have time to lose fixating on that stuff. There are rivers to explore and fish to catch – like this monster trout I caught on the Pecos last year.

Life’s short. Play hard, fish hard, or just enjoy the day any way you can.

Terry Rothwell, founding member, Villages of Santa Fe



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