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Did you miss our Cinco de Mayo Class?

Join our exercise classes. We have fun and keep it light. Our community is growing, and we want to see you there! With seven classes weekly, there is one for your - Balance, Strength, and Yoga. You will love our instructors, Maria Francis, Judith Rhodes, Sharon Tolleson, and our new instructor, Corrine Hodges.

Just recovering from an injury or need to start slowly? Join our FREE Strenght & Stretch Wednesday at 2 pm MT or Saturday at 10 am MT with Sharon Tolleson.

For more advanced classes meet with Maria on Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm MT for Balance & Beyond. Her community is excellent, engaged, and fun.

Corrine is teaching Yoga while Judith is recovering. Join her on Wednesday and Friday at 10 am MT.

Want just to try us out? AARP sponsors FREE classes every Monday at 9 am MT.


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