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FREE At-Home COVID Testing for New Mexicans

A Villages member was exposed to COVID over the holidays and then tested positive. All is well. She had both vaccinations and a booster and was asymptomatic, but had a very difficult time finding a test.

COVID tests are hard to find, so take advantage of the free, at-home testing for COVID. The State of New Mexico offers free, fast, and accurate COVID-19 saliva tests, from Vault Health.

  • Order your test from Vault. The test arrives just 1-2 days from ordering.

  • Log on with Zoom for a virtual visit with a Vault test supervisor; they will show you how to collect your saliva sample.

  • Ship your sample to the lab using a prepaid UPS package. Drop your sample at one of these three UPS stores.

    • The UPS Store, 223 N Guadalupe St · (505) 982-0974

    • The UPS Store, 3005 S St Francis Dr Ste 1-D · In PLAZA ENTRADA · (505) 983-9831

    • The UPS Store, 3201 Zafarano Dr. Ste C · (505) 438-2427

  • Get your result 24 to 48 hours after your sample arrives at the lab.

You will not be charged.

This at-home saliva test is free. You will not be asked for credit card information. If the system does ask you for payment, this is an error; close your browser and try again.

You will be asked for insurance information if you have it, but it is not required to test at home. You will be asked for the front and back of your Medicare card.

You will need an email address

You will be asked to present your photo ID. Vault requires a photo ID so that the test supervisor can confirm the identity of the person taking the test on the Zoom call.

Go to Vault Health to learn more.

Tip: Once you have taken the Vault test, order another so you have it on hand for future testing.

Ann Church

Villages Founder


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