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Hello Villagers in situ:

I approached this past week with this in mind and the course of actions I took were interesting. Being open to new ideas to fill the time is so important; you find yourself accomplishing unbelievable tasks and receiving so much in return.

Decided to do some spontaneous “cookie drops” to friends and acquaintances who live alone. I drove to their houses, rang the doorbells, and placed the treats on the doorknob as I stepped back fully masked and gloved. Took the time to chat and share stories and had the best time ever! Try it.

At 6am one morning, I had Alex color my hair with blue accents. Was I totally bereft of common sense? No, I was deprived of the “me” I knew whenever I looked in the mirror! The length, the volume, and the total whiteness of my hair had me missing my old self. Alex came to my rescue and delighted in adding a bit more blue than necessary. He did it with glee!

Took a particularly long and challenging hike with Sara and Dana one beautiful day but we had not counted on the intensity of the sun and the steepness of the rocky trail. Not to mention, not enough water. Several rest stops were necessary. Finally, Sara called Chris to come pick us up at the end of the 4 ½ mile hike and he came with water and good cheer. What a man. What a friend. Lesson learned.

Have been doing the on-line marvelous classes offered by Maria Francis and Judy Rhodes on Tues.-Thurs. and Wed.-Fri. The classes are a most welcomed diversion; I see changes in myself and in my attitude. Sign up; so easy to do; balance and agility and yoga and strength are your gift to yourself! These two villagers along with Ann Church have done an amazing job. Thank you.

Finally bought some colorful blooming plants of all sizes and shapes and completed my front and back patio containers. Fourteen purple Irises are in “full beard” along the back wall garden. There is nothing more soothing than to walk outside and take in the various hues and scents of the lovely flowers. With Mother’s Day in the offing, buy yourself a gorgeous bouquet of your favorite blossoms and give thanks for all that you have done for others this past year. Mothering that you have done is a wellspring of a bountiful source of life for another. Celebrate it!

Sent out an opinion poll with regards to our fantastic “Little Free Library” as I was interested in knowing if others in my neighborhood were as enthusiastic as I was about this shared project. The response was immediate and there was wholehearted support by all. Coming to consensus as to where we should locate it is another matter. Nothing is simple but I anticipate a harmonious decision will be reached by the weekend.

A first for the Doran family - my daughter Jessica coordinated a Zoom reunion with my three brothers and sisters-in-law, our 12 children and their spouses and significant others and their 18 children. It was very special to have every family seen and heard as they shared their homes and stories across the miles from Tasmania, California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the Carolinas. It was 8 am Thursday in Tasmania , 5pm Wednesday on the East coast, 3pm in Santa Fe and 2pm in Laguna Beach, CA. Arranging this time schedule so all would be available happened; a feat unto itself. What a blessing for all; you can make it happen whether it be family or a gathering of close friends across the miles. Your world will open up and those walls will disappear and you will feel the joy of connection.

Almost forgot to mention that I have finally started hanging my wash outside on the clotheslines. Do you remember the routine with the clothesbasket, choosing clothespins and overlapping edges so all “fit”, how quickly they dry and how wonderfully they smell? Making the bed with fresh sheets is a red-letter day. At the same time I threw open as many windows as I could and aired out the house. Welcome May!

Keep this in mind as you continue to live your life with insight and determination –

“I wonder as I often do

at our ability to be clay

as the world makes new shapes

with us again.” Pandemic Playmate

Thanks for listening. May you feel the peace and love that surrounds you. Sheila


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