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Home Healthcare, Inpatient Rehab, and Outpatient Therapy (PT).

We continue our Wellness Series in 2024. Our programs help you make informed decisions when you need help.

On Monday, January 8th, we have three experts in home healthcare, rehab, and physical therapy.  We think of those programs as being after the fact.

After I have surgery.

After I get home from the hospital. 


BUT what if I prepare in advance? 


When you need home healthcare or rehab, you don't have the time to explore possibilities. You need help because you or someone you love is hurting or fighting to get well.


As with so much of our medical system, information and knowledge is power. Take time to understand levels of care, who provides it, how it is paid for, and what to expect. Three experts in the field are here to give you facts and answer your questions.


Three experts in the field unravel Home Healthcare, Inpatient Rehab, and Outpatient Therapy (PT). 

This presentation discusses the nuances of rehabilitation post-hospitalization and compares the differences between acute, subacute, and home-based environments. We'll explore the distinctive features of each rehabilitation setting, discussing the advantages and considerations associated with each and how you can maximize your time to enhance your recovery. Because each setting depends on the type of therapy the patient needs, we will also cover questions to ensure you receive the proper care in the right place, at the right time, to increase your strength, stability, and comfort.


Home Healthcare: Elais Ponton, MSN, BSN, RN

Chief Nursing Officer with Nurses with Heart


Inpatient Therapy (Rehab): Katie Titus, PT, DPT

Clinical Supervisor, Inpatient Rehab Therapy

Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center


Outpatient Therapy (PT): Bernadette Romero-Jaramillo, PT,  DPT

Clinical Manager

Christus St. Vincent Sports Medicine


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