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WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT to make resolutions?

WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT to make resolutions? And at the tail end of holiday excesses? Those 20 pounds are still hanging on, and my Apple watch thinks I am fast becoming a couch potato.

So how was Week One for you? I am facing a potential bust because a friend’s son tested positive for COVID. I am biting my nails while waiting for her test results.

The good news is this - you and I have all year to make positive changes in our lives. Pace yourself. We have all year. Join a class today. Be kind to yourself and your friends - and to strangers, servers, and maintenance people. Just be kind.

Update. Finally got the test results – negative. But this could all have been avoided. I had two days of stress, anger, and worry. If someone has symptoms of a cold or flu, just assume it is COVID until proven wrong with a negative test.

Read what Villages’ member ‘J’ says about testing positive after opening her home to a young relative.

I am one of you, but now I am different. Why? Because I innocently said ‘yes’ to a meeting and two days later was told that the person tested positive for Covid 19. They had been vaccinated but no booster and was exposed before they met with me. I spent the next six days trying to get an at-home test kit, a PCR test, or a same-day rapid test. Finally, I got an appointment at Urgent Care. The PCR result was positive. I thought I was safe — double vaccinated with Moderna with the booster as well. But no, that irresponsible young relative set my life upside down.

First, I had to postpone or cancel appointments on my calendar so I didn’t infect anyone. Then I had to quarantine and make do with what was already in the house. I felt victimized and angry and then poor me. Every time I was asked to do something - like go to lunch, attend a meeting, etc. - I had to say no and explain myself. The reaction was ‘oh no’ and then they stayed away. I even saw an email I was copied on that said ‘she has Covid.’ I felt picked on.

Why am I telling you this? Because it should not have happened. Notify everyone and anyone if you have been exposed. An infected person can spread COVID-19 starting 2 days before the person has any symptoms or tests positive. People who have COVID-19 don't always have obvious symptoms. The New Mexico DOH reported 5,547 new cases as of January 13th. Let’s be responsible.

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