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Yoga and Metta Meditation with Judith Rhodes

Special Workshop with Judith Rhodes.

Sunday, June 20th, 90 minutes, 10 am MT

Register at This 5,000-year-old practice is designed to awaken health, compassion, mindfulness, and ia gateway to uncover our innate wisdom.

Spend an hour and a half with Judith in yoga and a guided metta mediation. We start with yoga including centering, warm-ups, breathing practices, and asana postures — all designed to open and strengthen the physical body. After yoga, we will enter a guided metta meditation practice. This is the practice of joy and well-wishing for ourselves — then well-wishing for friends and family — then strangers —and, ultimately all beings. Cultivate the generosity of spirit and the spirit of gift-giving — a vehicle for the heart’s energy.

“Meditation practice … is about befriending who we already are.” — Pema Chodren Purchase a Core Circle Founding membership or Beyond Limits membership by June 15th and receive a free pass to this event. This 90-minute workshop is not included Fit & Vital punch pass. $15 Workshop Price


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