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CHRISTUS Health Awards Villages Grant for Healthy Aging

CHRISTUS supports local programs for Healthy Aging

Villages is thrilled to receive a grant from CHRISTUS Health for our Core Circle—Staying Healthy as We Age program. We aim to reduce death and injury from falls by increasing the activity level in the older population of northern New Mexico in the CHRISTUS St. Vincent service area.


Falls remain a leading cause of death for those over 65. Villages is committed to ‘turning the curve’ one person at a time to reduce death and injury from falls. 


We challenge you to commit just 1% of your day, just 14.4 minutes, to Healthy Aging.


There is no magic pill or prescription to prevent falls. It takes time and commitment. However, with online exercise classes for seniors, you can exercise in the convenience of your home with instructors who know what you need. 


Sign up for classes here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to access our great instructors 24/7.


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