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Commit to Better Senior Balance with On the Move

Improve your walking and balance with Maria Francis'

On the Move, starting August 5th.

Are you committed to your health? If so, consider 24-session On the Move, a senior balance exercise class led by Head Coach Maria Francis. These classes emphasize specialized walking and stepping patterns that promote improved timing and coordination for walking and balance.


On the Move – in-person. Registration is limited to 10.

Suggested Donation $120 – this is a 24-session course, and your donation will help with the costs of this class.

Consult with Maria to register at 713-304-6262.

August 5th  –  October 28th 

Monday and Wednesday, 3:30 – 4:15 pm

Punching Out Parkinson’s

2019 Galisteo St B2, Santa Fe, NM 87505


Donation request of $120 ($5 per class)

On the Move is a 24-session class that promotes improved timing and coordination. Coach Maria Francis spent significant time becoming an instructor. Your donation defrays a small portion of the costs, so please donate.

Who should participate? Do you:

  • Want to improve your walking or balance,

  • Have a fear of falling,

  • Have chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes,

  • Walk on your own but may be unsteady or have some difficulty,

  • Want to exercise and have fun?


On the Move is

  • A physical therapist developed group exercise program to improve walking

  • A fun way to meet others and exercise

  • Recognized as an Evidence-Based Program by the New Mexico Department of Health

  • Backed by research


People who Participate in On the Move

  • Become more confident in their walking

  • Walk farther without having to stop and rest

  • Walk faster which is related to fewer falls and less disability

  • Find it easier to do daily tasks


Your Coach Maria Francis


I’m glad I took the walking class with you. I think it helped because of the uneven surfaces. I was really tired and was able to walk without stumbling. Thank you for that. Hi to the class. Stephanie in Egypt after taking On the Move with Maria.



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