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Villages Celebrates Harmony with FREE Tai Chi for Seniors

Exercise keeps me fit during travels
kk grounded in Italy

AUGUST IS harmony month for Villages.

We are celebrating kk’s One-Year Anniversary with Villages.

Plus, she has given the class a new name -  Harmony in Motion Tai Chi.


To celebrate kk’s anniversary, we are offering FREE registration, Tuesday and Thursday, August 6, 8, 13, and 15th. Invite your friends. You know this is the BEST class, so share with them. Your friends can sign up FREE for kk’s class here, so send them the link to this fabulous class.



kk - Just to let you know, I did box breathing during my surgery!! Really help!! Almost put me to sleep! Assistant actually said how well I did!! Told her about my meditation and the box breathing. More people need to know about what you teach!! Best Kathleen

Here’s what kk is saying about the new name (but don’t worry, it’s the same class).


Welcome to my Harmony in Motion Tai Chi for Seniors - A Journey through Breathwork, Tai Chi, and Guided Visualization


I've designed this time together to nurture your body and reduce your physical and emotional stress through breathwork, Tai Chi, and guided visualization. This 45-minute class is for individuals of all ages and fitness levels who want to enhance their overall well-being in a supportive and serene environment.


Embrace your journey towards a more balanced, peaceful, and healthy life. No prior experience is necessary, and it is accessible to seniors, people with disabilities, and anyone recovering from injuries. All movements can also be comfortably done while seated, ensuring that everyone can participate with ease and comfort.


Join me and please invite your friends. They will love you for it. All my best, kk.

Register for classes on Punchpass.



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