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In Their Own Words: Why Take Our Senior Exercise Classes

Why participate in our classes? Are they right for you? Here are a few comments from our community.

Seniors love travel and vacations
Stephanie in Egypt

Stephanie is participating in Maria's On the Move gait classes. She felt so confident that she is off to Egypt.

I’m glad I took the walking class with you. I think it helped because of the uneven surfaces. I was really tired and was able to walk without stumbling. Thank you for that.

Hi to the class. Stephanie

I also want to say how much I've appreciated classes with you, Sharon and Judith over the last few years. I don't know how I would have coped without them. As I've mentioned, I've been trying to take care of my Mum who had dementia and was in the UK. I called her 3 times a day, managed her care, ordered food and prescriptions, and checked on her at night through a camera in her bedroom. She died in December - at 97 years old. She always refused to go into a care home, and I managed to keep her at home until she died. Luckily, we had some wonderful caregivers. Your classes helped me deal with the stress, as well as keeping me moving. They were - and still are - something to look forward to each day. So thank you!!!!!

Best wishes. Ann


Hey, kk, I may be in and out for the next two weeks. Had a small basal cell cancer removed. Have stitches on the side of my right knee where the knee bends. So the Doc wants me to cool it on the exercise front because of where the stitches are located. So, we will see how well the stitches heal. Will definitely miss your class!! Just to let you know, did box breathing during my surgery!! Really help!! Actually, it almost put me to sleep! The assistant actually said how well I did!! Told her about my meditation and the box breathing. More people need to know about what you teach!!


Best Kathleen


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