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9/5/201 4:30-7pm

Village Pot Luck

Sheila & Alex’s Home

Please RSVP if attending

Let’s match names with faces and have fun with our emerging community! Bring a ready to serve dish to share with 6-8 people. (BYBO, but Villages provide sodas).

Starting September 22nd , Every Thursday 1:30-3:30pm

Cyber Seniors

Ann Church, Ambrose Ferber, Associate Chair, Computer Science, and Santa Fe Prep High School Students

Reservations required, limited slots available

Santa Fe Prep, Technology Room 21

Helping Hands – Beginning Wednesday, September 21st. First and third Wednesday of the month, 9am-1pm. Call the office to schedule service. Please have your list of services needed and one of the Help Hands Volunteers will check in with you about your needs. Members responsible for materials. See the Helping Hands list. Call 505-501-8187 to set and appointment.

9/24/2016 10-12pm

Life Book

Sheila & Alex’s Home

Sheila Doran-Benyon and Kitty Fallon

Reservations required, limited to 10 members

9/27/2016 2-3:30pm

Medicare: Get to know how it works

Brad Coe

Santa Fe Community Foundation

Questions about Medicare? Need to review your options? Come join us for a ‘Medicare 101’ type educational presentation with local agent Brad Coe. At the end of this presentation, you will have a clear understanding of your Medicare benefits and the difference and suitability of Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans and Prescription Drug plans. Medicare open enrollment is October 15th – December 7th.

10/4/2016 7-8:30pm

Being Mortal – Conversation, debate, and dialogue. Moderated by Pat Murphy

Reservations required, seating limited

Bring snacks to share with 10 people

10/26/2016 10-11:30am

Home Health Care

Carolyn Moore and Elais Ponton