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Dispose of Old Prescription Drugs

People are always wondering what to do with expired prescription medications and OTC medications that they no longer need. There are a couple of ways to deal with them because they are NOT considered Household Hazardous Waste and they should not be flushed down the sink/toilet. Proper disposal methods: Drop your old medications off at one of the two (2) permanent disposal locations in Santa Fe: one at the Police HQ on Camino Entrada and a the second location at the Fire Station in Fort Marcy Park. Leave medications in their original packaging and use a marker/pen to cross out/cover any personal information. The containers are locked so that the material cannot be retrieved except by authorized personnel. You can also dispose of old medications in the trash. We ask that you take the following steps to do this: (1) Take your medications and place them into a strong container such as an old coffee can or other rigid plastic jug. (2) Fill this jug with coffee grounds or dirt so that the medication is encased in something that your kids and pets will NOT be attracted to. (Note: some medication is sweet to little ones and to pets so be very careful to make sure you've covered the items in your jug correctly.) (3) Seal this container with duct tape or some other type of adhesive so that it helps keep it sealed. (4) Place the container into your trash as you would any other item. Again, please do NOT flush your old medication down the sink or toilet. If they are disposed of in this manner they could potentially wind up in our water supply and we don't want that to happen. Have questions? Call 424-1850 x 420.

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