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Bose Hearphones – hi tech alternative to hearing aids. These are not medical devices, but they significantly enhance your hearing experience. I thought my brother was his usual introvert self, wearing headphones and listening to music rather than participating, but actually he admitted to hearing loss and is using the new Bose Hearphones.

Bose, a leader in sound is working on using their technology to help us hear better. Have problems in a restaurant? What about the TV? Do you feel you are losing out by not hearing what is going on around you? These might be the solution. Turn down the noise around and focus on just the conversation you want to hear. I tried them out and was very impressed. I could tune out everything behind me and just listen to the person in front of me, or, tune them out and listen to conversations behind me with full clarity. Might be worth testing out. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Bose store in New Mexico, but they are fully refundable within 30 days and are significantly less than hearing aids. The Bose Hearphone retails for $499. It works best with a smart phone, but not a requirement as long as someone can help you set them up. Besides, they are cool.

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