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Smart 911 & Santa Fe Alert

Alert Santa Fe is the official emergency alert and notification system for the City and County of Santa Fe, NM. This system is used to send alerts to the public and internally to city or county employees during emergencies. Alert Santa Fe is a free service that allows you to sign-up online to receive customized alerts via text message, email, voice message and on social media (Facebook and Twitter). In addition to emergency alerts, you can also choose to opt-into receiving customizable community notifications. These include notifications about severe weather, safety, utility disruptions, major traffic incidents, and more. This service is provided by the City of Santa Fe at no cost to the public; however, message and data rates may apply.

  • Why should I sign-up for Alert Santa Fe? When emergencies happen, be the first to know. Emergency officials utilize Alert Santa Fe to send official, real-time alerts to the public with information about potentially life-saving actions they may need to take to keep themselves and their families safe. By signing up for Alert Santa Fe, you are taking a large step toward improving your personal safety.

  • How does it work? When an emergency occurs that meets the criteria for sending out an alert to the public, the Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC), First Responders, or Emergency Management officials will gather the necessary information and push out an alert to the affected area. Alerts can be sent out to large geographical areas, to individuals who opted-in to the system, or to a specific area or neighborhood for more localized events.

  • How much does it cost? This service is provided at no cost to the public; however, message and data rates may apply depending on your provider and phone services. During the sign-up process you have the option to choose how you want to be notified and what types of alerts to receive. For any notification you choose to receive, you can specify whether you want text message, email, voice delivery – or any combination of these. To avoid being charged frequently pay-per-text or pay-per-call fees by your phone service provider, you can select only the types of messages you prefer – for example, selecting email only as the delivery type – or opt-in for ‘emergency alerts’ (which are infrequent in typical usage).

  • What if I live in the County but work in the City? Alert Santa Fe is the emergency notification system for both the City and County. When you register your account, ensure that you list all addresses for which you would like to receive alerts.

  • Why do I need Alert Santa Fe when I have a TV, social media and a radio to keep me informed? Alert Santa Fe serves as another tool to keep the public informed during emergencies. By signing up for Alert Santa Fe, the public can receive real-time alerts directly on their preferred devices (text message, voice message, email and social media).

  • Why did you implement Alert Santa Fe? We are always looking for new ways to improve the safety of our residents. With Alert Santa Fe in place, emergency officials have the ability to send a mass notification with important information that could save lives. Alert Santa Fe helps fill another safety gap within the 911 dispatch center. During large-scale emergencies, the 911 center can be quickly overwhelmed with a high volume of 911 calls received from the public. A majority of the 911 calls received during emergencies are not about life-threatening situations, but rather contain requests for information about what is going on during a crisis or emergency. By sending alerts directly to the public on their preferred devices, we are able to keep the public informed and at the same time reduce the number of 911 calls from residents not in immediate need of emergency services. Easily available and authoritative public information will improve the 911 center’s ability to keep phone lines open to respond to critical emergencies.

  • Can you guarantee that I will receive notification if I register? While Alert Santa Fe is an excellent system, we cannot guarantee that you will receive notification in all cases. Disasters and emergencies are chaotic and unpredictable, and notification is dependent on external providers such as your wireless carrier or e-mail delivery service outside our control. Alert Santa Fe will use several means of communications to try to ensure that should any one communications method, technology, or delivery option be unavailable to reach residents, other methods will be used to improve the likelihood that citizens will see the message.

Signing up

  • How do I sign-up for Alert Santa Fe? Signing up for Alert Santa Fe is easy. Click here to sign up ( ). To update your existing Alert Santa Fe preferences, click here .

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