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Villages of Santa Fe provides services to our membership that help us age in place. We also realize that seniors are particularly vulnerable during wildfire and other emergencies. In 2019, Villages, in conjunction with the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition, hosted two Emergency Preparedness Days. The programs were funded, in part, by grants from AARP and State Farm. The next event is May2, 2020.

“Poor, elderly and too frail to escape: Paradise fire killed the most vulnerable residents LA Times, February 10, 2019” ‘. . . most of the 86 people who died in the fire were seniors. Of the 69 bodies, 53 were over the age of 65 — or 77%.’

For all of us, the risk of dying in a fire or other emergency increases significantly as we age. Knowing what to do in an emergency can make a big difference and being prepared ahead of time is critical. Our emergency program stresses Awareness, Preparedness, Strategy, and Practice.

  1. Plan how to leave and where to go during an evacuation

  2. Sign up for ALERT Santa Fe to receive official emergency, including evacuation notices

  3. Go through the checklists in Ready, Set, Go Action Plan and FEMA

  4. Create ‘Go Kits’ including:

  • Ready Set Go and FEMA suggested items

  • Emergency contacts

  • Maps and escape routes based on the direction of the fire or other emergency

We partner with City of Santa Fe Fire Department, Offices of Emergency Management, the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition, Forrest Stewards Guild, and others. With planning and practice, our seniors can feel confident and safe in their decision to evacuate if necessary.

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