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A Conversation with Sheila

As I move through these demanding and interesting times, I am learning to experience life in new ways; I am leaving behind my expectations of just what should be and welcoming the place where I am at this time in my life an Elder who is in community with other Villagers as we face physical and emotional challenges. I am sequestered in my lovely home and am reading, writing, calling, even doing all sorts of disparate activities that have been “on my mind” to do for months and even years and now I am loving “cleaning that slate” and feeling sanctimonious while doing so! I love experiencing myself in this time warp.

It is impossible not to feel the deep and complex spirituality present in this ancient land; I am reminded of it when I take myself out into the spring sunshine searching for and finding myself watching the crocuses bloom, the purple hyacinth bells grow up their new stalks, the forsythia burst forth in yellow star patterns along with the apricot trees in their full white glory of blossoms! And not to fail to mention the little groupings of birds as they sing and play in the trees just ready to open with new leaves and the strident words of the Ravens as they swoop down and make their presence known; the butterflies checking out the blossoms; the caterpillars creeping along edges of the grass and the lizards basking in the sun. And is that not also true of me, feeling the resurrection of my spirit that has been bound by the cold and snow and the new restrictions on my lifestyle?

So, every day I go out for a long 1 ½ hour walk through the trails in Arroyo Hondo and Seton Village to reclaim my life and liberty and to escape the walls that come from listening too long to the news and only hearing of the dark sides to life! Almost daily I stop outside my 84-year-old neighbor’s house and ask her to join me; most days she does just that and we walk while maintaining our physical distance! We walk and talk, and laugh and tell stories. We reclaim our lives in new ways of seeing and being. In addition, I have begun to tend to my garden that is replete with leaves, branches, dried plants, feathers, rocks and stones and other bits of piffling trash. Hard work, sore back, and legs, tired hands, but with new energy as I watch the gardens change before my eyes and all my patios regain their pristine, mint condition. I feel ever so healthy and happy; I feel I am in charge of my life again and I am experiencing the rebirth of new and welcomed activities.

So why not join me? Leave the doldrums behind along with inertia, blue funk, and downheartedness, and enjoy this spring of your life! Take your book to read in the sun; walk your fur friends, whistle or sing on your hike! I even baked an Irish Whisky cake and Irish soda bread and relished the taste and the memories of my Pappap and Grandma from Ireland. Do you have a long-forgotten taste that would bring you joy and feed your soul?

As an Elder, live life to the fullest; count your blessings and your friends in our Village! Make your own personal resurrection happen and know that you are loved and cherished!

Sheila 3/26/20


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