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And Now the Shoes

Had three major events this past week: Completing the free mini library, a send-off for our French family, the Trebuchons, and a shoe happening! So I shall begin.

Alex Prihoda and Ray Algrim set the support for the mailbox in cement on Arroyo Hondo Road near our village, so it is easy to access and easily visible. The following day Eva and Berenice painted the post in vivid colors and designs saying that it symbolized the blending of lives through the advantage of books and community. They told us that “they will always think of us as beautiful persons who were a source of fun and inspiration.” People are stopping, taking books, and leaving some of their favorites. It’s the happening we all wanted. If out our way, do stop by and feel their spirit and joy!

Our French family, the Trebuchons, followed me in their camper as we went to Nambe to meet my friends, Cathy Smith and her daughter Jennifer, who own the Nambe Trading Post. Meeting a Native American is THE important event for most Europeans and since our pueblos and reservations are closed, the family was sorely disappointed. Generosity on Cathy’s part with her opening up her new museum to share all the stories affiliated with 40 major pictures for which she provided authentic hand-made costumes. Her store is replete with fully dressed manikins in native regalia and authentic scripts and photos from each movie. There are rooms of vintage clothes, boots, and jewelry. A fabulous visit and one they loved! Cathy is an example of the generosity of the people in Santa Fe.

Saturday a film crew from the French Public Television station arrived to film the farewell to the Trebuchons. Amidst the chaos of leaving, they captured the stories shared, the memories of long bike rides, the various adventures of learning a new language, sharing meals and French wine, practicing new skills like weaving and painting. These conversations and reminiscences, punctuated with tears of sadness and happiness allowed us to bid them “au revoir” and “Vitesse de Dieu”. Off they left for a 2-month trip to cross the US, first to the West Coast and then to the East Coast, and departure in mid-August from Baltimore. They had their AAA Road Trip Planner and were off on other adventures (I just had a thank you note from Christophe who asked for a recipe as they have loved my chocolate chip cookies and he has limited everyone to 3 a day so they would last 4 days. He wants to surprise all the family in France with the Americans’ favorite cookie. his now also).

Now for the shoes.


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