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Boomer Tech with Ann Church

Online Zoom. Wednesday, August 18, 1 pm MT, Open to the Public. Free

Gadgets for better living. Gadgets don’t need to be complicated or expensive. For under $20, you can install motion detector lights on your stairs or hallway. But there are some fun items to explore. Ring Doorbells – catch that pesky deer at night or just know when a package has arrived. How about getting an Apple watch for under $75?

Disclaimer – We are not debating the issue of privacy here. All connected devices have a risk of being hacked. Weigh the benefits vs. the risks before installing. Google the device's ratings and READ them. Before donating or disposing of electronics, reset the factory controls so your personal data is not compromised.


Punchpass members register at

Apple Watch Heartline Study

Smarti911 download from app store

To sign-up for Alert Santa Fe, click here.

Citizens can register to receive alerts for the following:

  • Emergency Notifications - Urgent, must-know information that may require action such as taking shelter. Alerts may include water advisories, road closures, power outages, evacuations, lockdown situations, etc.

  • Community Wildfire Information - Information regarding current wildfires, wildfire education, prescribed burns, and smoke impacts within the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County.

  • Emergency Preparedness Information - Receive emergency preparedness information, tips, and tricks as well as periodic emergency preparedness events.

  • Law Enforcement Community Information - Receive information from the Santa Fe Police Department and Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office regarding missing persons, criminal activity, and safety information.

  • Severe Weather - Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

  • Special Event Information - Community events that may affect travel, business activity, and safety, including parades, demonstrations, emergency drills, and more.

  • Transportation Disruptions - Impacts to transportation services and routes including major road closures or events that affect travel within Santa Fe City and County.

  • Utility Service Disruption or Changes in Service Schedule (City) - Impacts to City of Santa Fe water, wastewater, garbage, and recycling services. Information is for general community information not for individual accounts.

  • Code Blue - The purpose of this list is to notify the City of Santa Fe constituent of a Code Blue. A Code Blue is enacted when the National Weather Service forecasts temperatures less than 20* F.

Schlange Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock - Amazon


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