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Boomer Tech - Spring Cleaning

Boomer Tech is back with Ambrose Ferber, Associate Director of Technology and Chair of Computer Science at Santa Fe Prep and Ann Church, President of Villages of Santa Fe. Since 2016, Villages of Santa Fe has presented Boomer Tech and we are happy to share this great program with AARP New Mexico members and friends. Programs prior to 2020 we were hands-on, personal one-on-one help with devices for seniors, but right now, we will be presenting information and answering your questions twice a month, online. This is not some nerdy lecture about the inner workings of the computer world, but advice on day-to-day use for getting the most out of your devices.

5/5/2021, Wednesday, 1 pm MT, online Zoom

Spring Cleaning - get rid of those old apps and files. Clean those fingerprints and smudges off the screen, blow out the crumbs in the keyboard, then clean up the old files and apps so that your devices run faster. But don’t forget the backup.

5/19/2021, Wednesday, 1 pm MT, online Zoom

Cutting the Cord – Are you paying Comcast $200+ per month? Learn how to cut your monthly bills and get the programs you need (or just really want). Make a list of what you watch, so you can find a subscription that provides you with the programming you like, while saving you money. Several Villages members ‘cut the cord’ and use only an antenna for broadcast TV, but you probably still need internet.

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