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Conversations with Sheila - The Power of One

I recently finished a book called The Power of One. That title, coupled with our last 6 months of the pandemic, seemed appropriate to share. The novel asserts that “an individual, armed with a spirit of independence, the power of one, can prevail.” And, each of us, my dear Villagers, has done just that! We have missed our conversations and gatherings, our informative discussions, our celebrations and shared meals, our chances to volunteer and our hugs and handshakes. We have tried to communicate via our site, our online programs, phone calls, and various “drop-offs” when anything is needed.

We are surviving and we never need to lose our joy of living. There is freedom when we feel as if the walls are closing in-freedom waiting for us on the breezes of the sky and we ask, ‘What if we fall?’ Oh, but my darling, what if you fly? (Eric Hansen)

A small change in our perspective can generate miracles. We are a strong, compassionate community that is here for one another via phone, text, and email.

Villages is an incredible resource for people in our extended community. An agreement with AARP and Villages has allowed us to offer free exercise programs via Zoom: Balance & Beyond, Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm and Gentle Yoga, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am. Our first online Fall Prevention class was last week and three more are scheduled for this fall. All the schedules are below, so no excuses. Sign up.

I participate in all the classes and I can assure you that they are exceptionally brilliant at keeping us “hale and hearty” plus they are FREE. The highly trained instructors are Ann Church, co-founder of Villages, and founding members, Maria Francis and Judith Rhodes. What more could you want?! Come join us in the privacy of your home with the expertise of professional instructors. I love these classes and find that they affect my overall health and happiness.

Keeping healthy and eating well is a priority for us. We must learn to eat our food as our medicine; otherwise, we have to eat medicine as our food! Here are the six best doctors for all of us:

1. Sunlight

2. Rest

3. Exercise

4. Diet

5. Self-confidence

6. Friends

And maintaining them during this time is vital. Strive for inner happiness. Educate yourself to be happy and to know the value of self-sufficiency when it comes to good food and healthy living.

Do you have a Village story to tell? I’d love to hear from you regarding your past 6 months; how you have coped and thrived:

How you have reached out to another or how you have been touched by another’s kindness?

Has loneliness been an issue?

How have you experienced it?

Share some adventures or escapades.

There is a big difference between being a human being and being human.

Stay informed. Set a goal for yourself. Share your experiences. Look for questions and seek answers.

Encourage friends to join you. Start a buzz right here on “conversations.” Live out loud! Open yourself to possibilities! Have a meaningful conversation with yourself.

May you be blessed by this community of Villages. May we all share the love and peace and safety it affords!



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