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Five Things To Let Go Of In 2022

Five Things To Let Go Of In 2022

Unhealthy habits

Whatever you deem to be "unhealthy," write it down. Make a list. See what you gravitate toward and decide what improvement would be worthwhile. Consider a buddy to keep you accountable. Just do it. Check-in. Support each other and get better a little. Every. Day. Review the list and see what grabs you. Repeat.

Toxic relationships – weeding the garden

Every year, I look back at the year and my relationships. The mutually beneficial ones, energizing, forwarding, enjoyable, values-aligned and fulfilling, I maintain. I plan events with them, and I make time. I reduce or remove relationships that aren't like this, and I invest little or no time. I am not harsh. I simply need to invest my time elsewhere.

Holding on to the past

Let it go. We aren't going back. No matter how good or bad it was, it's in the past and needs to say there. Romanticizing it doesn't make it real today. Create ways to envision a future so compelling you won't spend your precious time living in the past. Surround yourself with people who remind you of what's possible in the future. Let your past be a companion riding safely in the back seat while you navigate from the driver's seat.

Doing things you don't enjoy

Let's be real. When you've not done something before, it's okay to try it and move on. When did we forget that? Life is short. Whether it's work, watching a movie, attending an event, cleaning your space, or doing certain kinds of exercise, you don't have to suffer. There is no glory in wasting your time doing things you don't find enjoyable. Either find a solution or change your mindset. Life is too short.

Other people's opinions

What you think of me is none of my business. Work on this one, and it will set you free. Live your life your way, and watch the world open up to you!

Have an intention to make 2022 the Best Year of Your Life.

Maria Francis

Fitness and Mindset Coach

Supporting people to live fuller, healthier lives

Villages of Santa Fe Founding Member


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