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All the Best to Sheila and Alex

Letter from Ann Church, President, and Co-Founder of Villages of Santa Fe

Many of you may know that Sheila and Alex sold their home in Seton Village and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma this past week, citing health issues. We will miss them greatly. I met Sheila about 8 years ago, shortly after she and Alex moved from Houston to Santa Fe, and what a force of nature.

In 2015, Sheila, myself, Maria Francis, and Judy Donahue began exploring the idea of becoming a ‘Village.’ Sheila and I signed up and attended the national convention of the Village to Village network in Seattle. It was the perfect fit. More time was spent deciding how ‘our’ Village would look and perform and we launched Villages of Santa Fe in June 2016 with 40 founding members.

Villages of Santa Fe is strong and open. Your support and faith in us are greatly appreciated. If you have an emergency, contact me at 505-501-8187. We can help with rides to the doctor, to get your vaccination (many of us are already vaccinated), and other critical programs.

Our plans are to ‘reopen’ our Village this fall with a blowout outdoor party. But right now, we have 6 online exercise classes, plus workshops including Boomer Tech and 3 Keys to Resiliency. If you haven’t joined our online classes, sign up now at It’s quite a vibrant community.

This past year was so difficult. I remember this time in 2020 wondering how we would survive. It has definitely taken a toll on all of us. So, when Sheila and Alex listed their home for sale several months ago, it was heart-breaking. It seems that change is the only certainty in life. We wish Sheila and Alex all the best.


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