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Happy Holidays

Stay active and live!
Wishing you joy and fun for the holidays

Wishing you much cheer this holiday season and ay love and happiness be yours this holiday season - from all of us at Villages.

We love sharing Santa Fe with you. Christmas is a magical time in Santa Fe. On Christmas Eve, Canyon Road is open only to holiday caroling and Christmas strolling. Hundreds of farolitos line the adobe walls of the houses and galleries along on Canyon. Farolitos are made from small brown bags with a base of sand and a small votive candle. They give off a soft, warm light – flickering and lighting the way. Luminarias (small bonfires) invite you to stop, warm your hands, and sing Christmas carols. Nowhere but Santa Fe.

Sending many blessings - Judith

Dear Yogis and Yoginis: The Festive Season is upon us once more, and I wish for you much contentment and enjoyment in this celebration. Indigenous peoples have recognized this time of solstice as a time for gratitude — exchanging gifts, celebrating nature, and consciously preparing for the new year.what will you give birth to in the spring cycle?  (be prepared)what are you grateful for in the cycle that is concluding? Have you been reflecting in appreciation of your own evolution? remember:  lots of self-care to minimize stress; congratulate yourself for coming to the yoga mat!  sending many blessings and good wishes, Judith


Flowing on with love, kk

Many many scoops of love and gratitude to you for coming on this journey with me the last five months. We have built a very safe and warm community. During this holiday season, may you find peace and comfort with all the new tools that you have learned. May we start the New Year ready to explore more ways to heal our Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.  

Flowing on with love, kk Taylor

Find Your Balance - Maria

Find Your Balance 

A life of balance means living in the present and meeting ourselves where we are at this moment.

Staying in the present means accepting whatever comes up without getting angry at the body for wobbling or the mind for judging. We can only control our reactions. If we let go of the need for one particular outcome, we can accept whatever comes our way.

My wish for you this Holiday Season is to Find Your Balance by nurturing your needs. Being courageous, focused, accepting, and persevering is all worthwhile when we discover the peace that brings.

You are my greatest gift. Be healthy, safe, and rocking.

With Great Love and Appreciation! Maria


Wish all of you a joyous holiday - Miichelle

I moderate the Monday AARP Balance and Mobility classes.  Congratulations to all of you for regularly participating in our classes and focusing on your health.  It is so important as we age to keep moving and have fun.  I want to wish all of you a joyous holiday season and best wishes for the New Year!  Michelle


Happy holidays, Sharon

I am very grateful for the time you spend with me in the Villages of Santa Fe fitness classes. Your kind thank you at the close of my class mean the world to me. I am delighted to have your participation this year, and I’m excited about our future programs. I appreciate your support of our group. You make these classes possible. I hope you are fit and healthy in your life. Happy holidays, Sharon

Find your purpose and LIVE! Ann

This year, purpose is helping me explore where I am in life, who I am, and how to be the best ‘me.’ Purpose is what matters most to you. It helps you live with greater joy and intent. Purpose can improve our mood and provide a sense of enjoyment. My new grandson gives me a sense of wonder and gratitude and the energy to expand my activity and exercise program. Find your purpose and LIVE! Ann


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