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Head of Fraudster's Union is Dead

Friday, April 1st, 6 pm

Online Murder Mystery

FREE to all Villages, Core Circle, Beyond Limits, and Fit & Vital members

Use Code Murder505 on Punchpass for your reservation

Tickets for nonmembers $10

Don't have a Punchpass account? Make your reservation here:

Welcome to the Annual Party of Fred Sterr, the head of the Fraudster’s Union. Like all

things fraudulent, it feels more like you aren’t really together while you are! The

Fraudster’s Union (please don’t look at its initials) is responsible for managing the

various aspects of scams and promoting their industry. This annual event has been

arranged as a celebration of the success while also providing an opportunity for Fred

to make a major announcement as to the future of the union. This year it is being

held at the Villages of Santa Fe, a den of iniquity if there has ever been one.

There has been a lot of pressure placed upon Fred to make sure that the various

interests represented by those in attendance don’t adversely impact the industry as a

whole. This has involved the need to regulate the actions of the fraudsters. As you

can imagine, people who commit fraud for a living don’t react well to being told what

to do.

The various scammers and fraudsters have come together and gathered in the dining

room to await a speech from their leader, but at the appointed time he was not to be

found. This surprised no one since he made his living through deceit, so the only real

surprise would be if he showed up when he said he would.

A scream was heard as his body had been found in the kitchen. Fred Sterr was dead. He had been stabbed through the heart. He is definitely dead, with the knife nowhere to be found. There were six people in particular that had the ability to have committed the crime and had cause enough to have done it. The question at hand is which of these characters

was motivated enough to have actually committed murder?

Your job is to interrogate the suspects. Ask them whatever questions you wish. Piece

together the parts of the puzzle and make your own judgments as to which was

motivated enough to have committed the crime. Judge them on the facts they

present, the information the other suspects know about them, and the way they reply

to your interrogation. The most reasoned and accurate solution to the crime will win

the title of Dispensers of Justice!

The sponsor for this night of fun is Las Campanas Community Fund.


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