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I just saved $325 in drug costs

I am fortunate. I have only 2 prescriptions, but half of adults 65 and older (54%) report taking four or more prescription drugs (Kaiser Health News).

How much is this costing me? I thought I would find out if there were savings for me. Should I switch plans?

It is simple to find out. Go to You probably have an account, but you don’t need to log in for this quick assessment. Go to the Find Heath and Drug Plans. On the right, enter your Zip Code and the Plan you want to search.

Answer if you need help with your plans.

Answer YES that you want to see drug costs.

Pick your drug plan (I have Silverscript).

Enter your prescription information – you can add multiple prescriptions here.

Choose up to 5 pharmacies – here is the trick to finding the best prescription costs. Enter your Zip Code and select 5 miles for the range to search. A map comes up, and the names of pharmacies. Select your pharmacy and 4 others – be sure to select mail order as an option because you may get a better price from mail order.

Now on the right, next to your current plan (I have Silverscript), select View Drugs and their Costs.

Wow, what a difference. By switching to a PREFERRED Pharmacy (CVS or Mail Order), I can save $325 a year with no change in plan.

So check it out. Then give me a ring, and we can spend our savings on (multiple) dinners!


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