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In-Person FREE Classes Start Saturday, July 9th

Free In-Person Classes for Santa Fe

Villages of Santa Fe and AARP New Mexico offer free in-person exercise classes beginning Saturday, July 9th at 10 am MT. Your favorite instructor, Judith Rhodes, leads you in either Yoga Fusion or Balance & Mobility. Both classes are great for beginners.

Maximum Registration 20 – pre-registration required, no walk-ins

Location Punching Out Parkinson's Santa Fe, 2019 Galisteo St Suite B2, Santa Fe, NM 87505

COVID Requirements AARP requirements

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class. Bring extra shoes as street shoes are not allowed on the padded floor. Suggested optional items: yoga mat, 2 lb. weights, water.

Balance & Mobility In-Person Class, Every other Saturday

10 am MT, 45 minutes, maximum of 20 people

Improving your balance and mobility makes you steadier on your feet and helps prevent falls. As we age, the systems that help us maintain balance—our vision, our inner ear, and our leg muscles and joints—tend to break down. The good news is that training your balance can help prevent and improve those losses. This 45-minute class includes: Warm up with Aerobic; Kegel, Balance, Joints Mobility exercises, and cool down with stretches. No equipment is required. This is an entry-level class. Great for beginners.

Yoga Fusion In-Person Class, Every other Saturday

10 am MT, 45 minutes, maximum of 20 people

This 45-minute class uses yogic breathing techniques, stretching and adding one-pound or two-pound weights to specific yoga postures (weights are optional). Fitness moves are woven throughout the class, body sculpting through light weights, yoga straps, blocks, tennis balls, etc. Self-care techniques such as hand and foot massages will also be offered. This fusion between yoga and fitness helps develop upper and lower body muscle strength, eye and hand coordination, and improved posture. Results: more vitality, improved balance coordination, and — a sense of well-being. This is an entry-level class. Great for beginners.

Punching Out Parkinson's is off St. Michaels Drive in the business center just south of Enterprise Bank.


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