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Just Listen to the Birds

Can you believe another week has past, and we are alive and well and giving thanks for everyone and everything?! Here is my week in progress.

On Tuesday I woke up just after sunrise, opened my windows and treated myself to my own private birdsong session. This was the first morning that the chorus sang so that I heard it and I allowed myself to close my eyes and be surrounded by my winged neighbors. I later watched as they flew from tree to tree singing and even building some nests! A beautiful woodpecker decided to build a nest inside a perfectly rounded hole in one of our standing posts that he/she had drilled. When finished, the hole will be surrounded by purple blossoms from the vine rapidly growing up the vertical shaft. Must say woodpecker, a perfect home site; nice choice!

Watch and listen to this delightful chorus of birds singing along with Mozart, a perfect way to allow our feathered friends to brighten your day? Enjoy: Just highlight the site and put in your search engine; sit back, lie down, get comfortable and listen to Bird Song Opera.

Yesterday and today I have been washing all the windows and vacuuming the screens. Armed with sheets of old newspapers, a stool to stand on, and my all-time-favorite Sprayway glass cleaner, I sprayed away and polished with newspaper for hours filling up paper bags with crumpled newsprint. Those windows are so clean, you cannot see the glass. Of course, removing the screens proved to almost be my nemesis and replacing them was my undoing! They are now leaning against their respective windows refusing to cooperate. “Wait till Alex gets home, he will fix you,” I say with a vengeance. I think washing all of one’s windows once every 6-7 years is often enough, now that I have done it, anticipating redoing it again at age 84 is a bit much!

I want you to remember that it is OK to read a good book all day; not read the 100+ emails waiting on your computer; fine to eat ice cream at any time if you so desire. Be the author of your own life and live the way that gives you comfort and happiness. Be sure you get outside to walk for at least 30 minutes to remain healthy. Wear your mask and gloves when going on an essential errand. Love yourself and those in touch with you.


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