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Maria on Rain

Rainy days are some of my favorite days.

Though you’d never hear me complain about sunshine and low humidity, living in a four-season state offers the joy of appreciating every change in our climate.

When I wake to a grumbling thunderstorm, I appreciate the mood, reminding me all days aren’t joyful; it’s okay to make noise and let things soak in.

We are always grateful when the lakes refill, especially since we’ve had many summers of drought, putting stress on the nature around us.

I appreciate the grey days to focus and be more productive with indoor projects, and my ability to relax, nest, and slow my pace increases as well as my self-care.

Nature’s reminder to pause, reflect, be present and take things in comes with the rainy days for me.

Sunshine is a stimulus; rain is an introspective catalyst.

Nature has a balance, and so do we.

Maria Francis

Mindset Coach

Supporting clients to live fuller, healthier lives


Photo and video by Julia Kenny


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