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Train for the grandkids – this IS an athletic event!

Grandchildren are a great incentive to keep active, so join our classes now. Keep active, and you will feel fit for action. Then you can enjoy looking after the grandchildren and not feel exhausted at the end of the day.

5 Tips to help you keep up with the grandkids

Go to the park

Many parks offer great places for the grandkids to have fun, but leave the monkey bars to them. The swing is an excellent workout for your chest, arms, upper back, and shoulders. Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other for stability, engage your core muscles, and use both hands to push the swing in a chest press action. Keep it up. You will really feel the workout.

Pick up the kids - Literally

Lifting the little ones up onto the swing or in and out of the car can strain your back. Use the big muscles in your thighs and bottom to squat down rather than bending over before lifting. When you squat, make sure your legs are hip-width apart, and you push your bottom back rather than your knees forward.

Kick a ball

We thought nothing of kicking a ball around when younger, but it might be a challenge because kicking a ball requires balance. You must stand on one leg and kick with the other. To improve your balance, try doing the flamingo by standing on one leg; remember to soften the knee on the supporting leg. You can play this game with the grandchildren and see who can balance for the longest. Just hold onto something for support when you first begin.

Play chase!

An absolute favorite with kids is to play chase. As our muscles decline with age, so does our ability to sprint. Practice by walking, marching in place, and increasing your speed. Wear supportive footwear like trainers, don't go trying to run in flip-flops! And warm up!

Make the floor your friend

Kids spend hours playing on the floor and will expect you to join them as they bob up and down effortlessly. It's time to practice, and practice, and practice.


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